Essex County Democratic Committee, Inc. | Democrats in Essex County Respond to Election of Chairman of the Democratic State Committee
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Democrats in Essex County Respond to Election of Chairman of the Democratic State Committee

Democrats in Essex County Respond to Election of Chairman of the Democratic State Committee

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Roslyn Smith



Chairman Thigpen is Optimistic

East Brunswick, NJ – Tonight, in East Brunswick, The New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) will conduct their reorganization meeting. Following the agenda for tonight, the NJDSC will have elected a new Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. After several weeks of uncertainty about who will lead the NJDSC, state committee officials will demonstrate to their constituents that the organization is ready to press forward towards Election Day in November.

Chairman Phil Thigpen of the Essex County Democratic Committee (ECDC) expressed optimism about the future of the organization under the leadership of current Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman, John Currie, who is expected to be elected to the position of Chair of the NJDSC tonight. Chairman Phil Thigpen said, “In this election season, we face many unprecedented challenges and the Democratic Party needs to be unified in order to continue to advance the issues that matter to working and middle class families. I have full confidence that John Currie will swiftly bring everyone together so that we can all move forward.”

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-34) said, “Having served under the leadership of the Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman, representing Clifton and Woodland Park, I have firsthand experience with Chairman John Currie’s organizational abilities, outstanding communication skills, and ability to create a sense of team. I also know that he has a strong commitment to the ideals of the Democratic Party. I know that John Currie will bring that same skill set to the task that lies ahead as chairman of the NJDSC”

Essex County Surrogate, Theodore Stephens is very excited about tonight’s reorganization, stating “The entire Democratic Party should be elated by the chairmanship of John Currie because he is experienced, highly intelligent, and is committed to promoting inclusiveness of all qualified candidates for office.”

Leroy Jones, Jr., East Orange Democratic Committee Chairman, credited for his expertise and precision as a campaign organizer in Essex County believes that the election of John Currie as Chair is a step in the right direction as Democrats around the state are transitioning into a new phase of the this year’s election season. Leroy Jones said, “We are working hard in East Orange and around Essex County to secure victories for all of our Democratic candidates, having John Currie serve as chair will only enhance our efforts.”

Essex County is known in New Jersey for producing the highest margin of winnings for Democratic candidates. Democrats in Essex County have a vested interest in maintaining this reputation and Chairman Phil Thigpen expects that the precedent will be upheld on Election Day this year.


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